Autumn 2019 and beyond

The LDBA ( Loddon and District Business Association) was formed some few years ago, but activity dropped off over the last year or so, indeed we have not requested any membership dues for the last 2 years.

At a recent ‘AGM’, called to renew interest, a group of officers have come forward, determined to renew activity and membership.

We propose holding a Networking meeting ( rotating amongst our ever burgeoning local hostelries ) – the next one will be taking place at 7:30pm on Monday 18th November, at The Angel and thereafter on the 3rd Monday in alternate months…November, January, March, May, July.

The Networking session will start at 7.30pm and each will be preceded by an open Committee meeting at 7pm to which all current members will be welcome.

( for the meeting 30th September, we welcome any interested in membership, hoping that you will become a ‘current member’ by joining in the night!)

We will be seeking views from all local business folk, whether your are :

  • High street traders ( with an obvious ‘ shop window’ )
  • Local business with a premises, staff and signage to self promote
  • Business working from home and keen to make other aware of your offer

We aim that LDBA Networking sessions will offer opportunity for you meet with like minded folk, to share issues and work collaboratively to mutual benefit.

We need your views and suggestions on ways in which an organisation such as LDBA could best support and succour the numerous and varied ( and often ‘hidden’ ) businesses of our area.

Please do try to join us at our next Networking Event which is taking place at The Angel, Loddon on Monday 18th November and help make this rebirthing of the LDBA a success for our community.