Loddon and District Business Association

Minutes of meeting 18th August 2021


Heather Tew – Chair

Katharine Cross – Secretary

Louisa Yallop – Treasurer

Apologies: None


The LDBA has been dormant during the pandemic.  Events immediately prior to the pandemic were not well supported.  There was also a shortage of volunteers.

In July 2021 two of the existing three committee members announced their intention to resign.  Unincorporated associations need a minimum of three positions filled – chair, secretary and treasurer.

On 4th August 2021 an email was sent to the mailing list asking people who would like to be actively involved to email their interest by 10th August.  KC reported that as of 18th August the response was two emails from people who expressed that they would like the LDBA to continue but were not in the position to volunteer for the committee, and three unsubscribes.


The majority of the funds held by the LDBA came from the MTI (Market Towns Initiative).  These funds are restricted by South Norfolk District Council.  The council has long known that they would not be spent on the items included in the original budget and has been flexible on giving their permission for alternative uses rather than reclaim the money. 

The LDBA has no significant fixed assets, having given the Christmas lights to Loddon Parish Council (LPC) and Chedgrave Parish council (CPC).

LY has sought and been given permission by David Disney of SNDC to share the remaining MTI fund between LPC and CPC to be ringfenced for the continuation of the Christmas lights.


It was resolved unanimously to split all remaining funds 70% to LPC and 30% to CPC.  The donation will be made with the following restrictions:

“These funds are to be used for the continuation of the Christmas lights, namely costs of putting up, taking down, testing and replacement of broken sections.”

It was resolved unanimously to close down the LDBA.